Materials & components

Parts to our Pieces


As an independent label, Left&Right strives to take the responsibility of making conscious choices and decisions around the various materials that we work with. Whenever possible, each material is chosen based not only on their aesthetic presentation, but its durability, as well as the impact that they have on the environment and consumers

Placing importance on using ethically sourced materials, we pledge against the use of metals contributing to the destructive effects of overmining on the environment.  We partner with two of the most reputable industry leaders in Australia and the United States, who markets 100% non-mined jewellery grade metal to obtain the silver and copper that we use. Our clients can also have the peace of mind knowing that the copper, sterling silver and Argentium silver that we use are free of harmful substances such as nickel and lead

A beautiful intense patina from the oxidisation of copper accentuates the dimensions of our pieces. Through meticulous polishing and sanding down of the patina, we provide a clean finish to the final product achieving the right amounts of highlights and contrast. Oxidised copper often exemplifies a personality with a raw and exotic taste.

Our pieces made from sterling silver often exemplify versatility and embrace personalities across the spectrum. On top of that, we are introducing the use of Argentium silver, which is the highest grade of silver. In Argentium silver, a natural germanium oxide layer creates an outer protection to the metal which is brighter in appearance and does not react to the air and environment easily. This exquisite material is especially for those who wish to enhance their enduring elegance, to emanate a bright aura and portray a strong personality through jewellery pieces encapsulating their timeless style, ideology and values to be passed down as heirlooms in generations to come

The fresh water pearls and atypical semi-precious gemstones that we use are also ensured to be ethically sourced. They are hand-picked by our founders, taking into consideration their complex matrix, the play of light on their natural spectrum of colours and the stories of nature. We are often mesmerised and drawn to these gifts of nature which are rare and beautiful, allowing us to harness our creativity in manifesting and bringing out the beauty of nature.