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We are Eileen and Fabian, the founders of Left&Right.

I, Eileen, grew up with my grandparents who were great storytellers. They told me about their younger days, about the war and about how they met the White Rajah. Through their stories, I travelled back in time, experienced their life, their love and their values of life. Storytelling was not the only thing that I have inherited, but also jewellery making as my grandfather was a silversmith. Fabian, being the practical side of Left&Right, has been forever supportive and is one of the determining force for this passion of ours to become a reality. 

Life allowed us to meet in a very interesting manner. We were school mates during high school for 5 years; we have heard of each other but never met till the final year. Since we met, we have had multiple opportunities to work together. Being in a team, together we have always came out with extraordinary ideas

We marched on to pursue a mechanical engineering degree upon completion of high school. Life eventually brought us together as a couple. Both of us are the complete polar opposite but being together, we are always learning about harmony and growth, we learn to appreciation life and we share a similar life vision, which is to impact life. We bring the best out of each other.

It all started from a shoebox containing materials, tools and some finished pieces. We went to bazaar of all sizes, chowing down breads while doing our assignments and revisions when customers were not around. We have been through late nights, finishing every piece by hand while having to sit for exams the following day. To date, our team has grown. We now have a studio of our own and have told our story on an international platform in Washington, DC. Our story does not stop there and we are excited to make our mark on a new page

As storytellers, we aim to share our story to the world and to touch hearts one at a time. Through our story and the story stories of Left&Right, we aim to bring hope, courage and strength to life. We want to let each and everyone know that their story matters

Eileen & Fabian.



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