The hands and hearts telling the stories


Each and every piece created by Left&Right is individually handcrafted with great attention to detail and adept artistic skill. Each piece carries the earnest desire of the artisans to express the incredible stories we hope to share. In seeking to capture the beauty in real life stories, immortalising emotions and materialising them through our pieces as an emotional instrument, each collection is extensively thought out and resonates with the storytellers of Left&Right.

As artisans, we feel responsible for what we take from nature and what we put out into the world. We carefully select the materials that we use and we strive to ensure that they are obtained through ethical and sustainable means. Having the user in mind as our foremost priority, we take an open approach to sharing with our production team and clients of our knowledge about the characteristics, sourcing of materials and the safety of these materials that we work with.

Striving to reach the pinnacle of craftsmanship, we are always pushing ourselves to new limits by exploring and using both the old and new methods of jewellery making, be it wirework or smithing. From using the most natural tools–our very own bare hands-to using specific tools and equipment, artisans of Left&Right strive to hone their skills to craft each intricate masterpiece to precision. Each masterpiece is a product of the skilful interplay between the material, tools and the bare hands of our artisans.

Not a single work of art in Left&Right would have been completed without the sheer persistence and burning passion of our artisans in their efforts to craft stories into timeless art pieces. More than just embodiments of inspiring stories, Left&Right masterpieces also encapsulate the essence of the artisans’ adept skills, painstaking efforts and earnestness.