Eric seemed reserved at first. 


Upon the first five minutes of our meeting, Eric expressed nothing but his intention of meeting us in one sentence.

I just want to show I appreciate her, that’s all.

We started by asking what kind of person his wife was, Eric lit up with a faint smile. He shared with us how they first met in Beijing 13 years ago. They had both joined a tour group on behalf of their aunts.

They started to get to know each other during the tours and had been together since then. As an entrepreneur, Eric has been through his fair share of troubles, both mentally and financially. His wife has been his pillar of strength during these hard times, allowing them to grow and move forward together. At the end of the meeting, Eric was so overwhelmed with emotion but managed to release his breath and said, “Wow, my wife has done so much for me.”

This piece is to mark their chance meeting in Beijing all those years ago. The bamboo bark signifies her strength and gentle spirit that has kept Eric going, through his rough patches.



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