a Bespoke Piece

An expression of love towards life.
It is personal, special and intimate.
It is a piece that represents you and your story that travels beyond time.
Be your own story teller.

A bespoke piece is a story told by you, together with Left&Right. We invite you to feel free as you give a voice to your story, uncover your deepest emotions and recollect meaningful memories. Hand in hand, let us help you immortalise heartfelt moments into pieces of art that you can see and touch, where you can share your stories for many generations to come.

There are stories that may sound alike but no two stories that are truly identical as every one of us comes from different walks of life, crossing paths with many different people, viewing and appreciating life through different senses. Life is beautiful to let us meet in such a way. Allow us to tell your story through the work of our hands into exquisite pieces that are one of a kind in a way that is truly yours.

From at least 72 hours that could go up to 120 hours is spent on the making of each piece. This is a testimonial to how Left&Right-as your personal storyteller-translates your stories through the finest of details, contour, colour and texture of precious high quality materials into refined wearable art forms. Be it to remember, to inspire or to send a message to a loved one, we bring to life a piece that is close to fine art and more timeless than fashion.