the pivot

A captivating blue Jade with a complex matrix is held by pure copper wire, capturing the flow of water in a stream. Sterling silver wire frames the water movements that occur when the highest point of a water profile reflects the glaring sun, showing restless energy. Fresh water pearls are incorporated to resemble fine water droplets when water hits an obstacle. All these elements are intricately woven together in harmony with our classic hand woven chain.

Components: Blue Jade, Fresh Water Pearl


The Circle Collection


Much like the winter frost vanishing into vapour when the sun rises and the first rays of sun kissing the morning dew on the tips of leaves, this collection is a celebration of new beginnings. The circle wire work charm serves as a constant reminder that change is the only constant. The secret to it is not to focus on fighting the old but on welcoming the new. To embrace change with an open heart and mind, rejoicing in the process as we strive to find the good in this ever-changing world.