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In each collection, a story or an inspiration unfolds through two lines of pieces specially curated by the storytellers of Left&Right. Our two main lines are: THE PIVOT and the READY-TO-WEAR Series. Much like a play, each individual piece is like an actor playing different roles and having distinct characteristics, coming together to tell a story.


The Pivot

The Pivot is our core piece in which the Ready-To-Wear line of each collection revolves around. This line is fundamental to us in building each collection as it carries a distinctive central theme we have intricately curated, bringing the stories we wish to tell to life. To preserve the value and individuality of this particular piece, The Pivot line is individually crafted and only 1 will be available for purchase from each collection. The Pivot aims to redefine high jewellery-stretching our artisanal expression and imagination far beyond the ordinary uses of precious metals and gemstones. In turn, redirecting the focus to the craftsmanship and artistic expression where each and every element serves a purpose in telling a story.


Our Ready-To-Wear line is built around The Pivot for each collection. Serving as different actors in a play, each piece carries a distinctive characteristic that features our artistic expression. Like the many people who pass us by, every one of them possesses an element which truly represents them and distinguishes them from one another. Everyone is unique and special. Surrounding one central theme in every collection, each individual piece shines with its own character, making every piece unique. Our Ready-To-Wear line introduce pieces that may resonate with you and represent you in your everyday life. They are individually crafted and thus limited in number as each one is given an identity of its own.


Counting Stars

Taking a Leap of Faith

The Circle

A Celebration of New Beginnings


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