counting stars

Surely, we will get back on our feet.


Once we graduated in mechanical engineering, it was no surprise when we took a leap of faith and pursued our new dream. We, however, were torn between our passion and pursuing the conventional path in an engineering field. The path that would lead us to our calling and the vision we had for our venture was and still is challenging. It is akin to being in a tunnel devoid of light, each step taking us closer to the uncertainty that lies ahead. As careful as we can be, we may fall along the way and we may stumble, but surely we will get back on our feet and keep pressing forward.

We chose for our piece, a Labradorite. Stone of the northern lights, held in a cradle of dark copper wire resembling the light at the end of a dark tunnel. It takes darkness for light to be so beautiful. The piece is secured with an intricately woven band, each weave representing our journey and the lessons we have learnt on the way. As for the pearl in the centre, it acts as a reminder to persevere and a pure form of our calling as to why we are doing what we are doing in the first place. 



behind the scenes


We are storytellers. As we listen to your stories, we start to become your storytellers. We strive to capture and convey your message and the details of each one, expressing the story you wish to tell. We make it our duty to handcraft each piece with our uttermost attention in our pursuit of perfection.


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