Happy Birthday, My Lady.


A bespoke piece made for a young lady on her special day. In short, this couple has been through the many ups and downs of a relationship and has held each other in their hearts. On the one hand, he described his lady as a girl with big dreams and a brimming wanderlust that has always been kept at bay, due to her lack of confidence. He, on the other hand, is willing to be her wings. Striving to give her the strength and confidence to go after her dream, and to weave those memories together. To celebrate her, he came to us with their story. This piece seeks to encapsulate the beauty of a dandelion, a small weed that is frequently used to symbolise strength and courage.

The courage to let go and follow where the dream takes you is depicted in the downy seeds that fly in the wind. The courage to take off, unknowing of the journey ahead but surely to a place filled with adventures and beautiful memories waiting to be made. With these new memories, the atonement of the past has only created more room in their hearts for this new journey together. Finally, the outer ring resembles the globe. It represents the dream of a beautiful lady about to explore the world. With the new found confidence we hope this piece will evoke and a devoted loved one by her side, we know she will have her dream someday.



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