You look gorgeous, dear.

We first met Tony and his wife, Anne during one of their trips to Borneo in 2014. They had been travelling over to Borneo for the past 30 years. This all started in our studio. Anne came in first and browse through our pieces. She tried on one of our necklaces before placing it back onto the stand. Shortly afterwards, Tony arrived and slowly ascended up the staircase, looking for Anne. As soon as he laid eyes on the necklace, he joyfully pointed it, mentioning that the piece would look good on Anne. He offered it to her so she could try it on and see how it would look like on her. The moment Anne had the necklace resting on her chest, he rested his hand on her shoulders and looked into her eyes and said; “You look gorgeous, dear.” He purchased the piece as an early birthday present and for their 50th wedding anniversary gift for her.  

Since then, he would visit us whenever he was in Borneo and would occasionally purchase another one of our pieces to represent one of the many stories of theirs.

In October 2015, we received an email from the UK. It was from Tony with a request to craft a bespoke piece for Anne, embodying her elegance. He had wanted to surprise her with a gift under their Christmas tree that year. This piece was made to personify the grace of his wife, from past to present and more refined after 50 years of being together. The piece also speaks of their everlasting love and the effort that they have made to keep each other’s hearts close to one another regardless of time and change.