Eternal Love

After all this time.


Upon our first meeting with Gan, he came across as very cheerful and polite. As he started to warm up to us, he revealed his sensible side, especially when he spoke of his wife. He mentioned that as a young man in his university years, he used to get teary-eyed at the thought of being apart from his beloved whenever semester breaks approaches. He had always sent her off at the bus station, waving earnestly as tears rolled down his face. Since then, they have been together. Now, they are long married with two children.

He confessed that although he may not speak or write much of love, his heart is full with the love and longing he has for his queen is strong and sincere. Like all people who are in love, they have undergone the blissful ups and rough downs of a relationship, including receiving objections from their families to be together. Despite that, they have chosen to hold on to one another. 

For this piece, the teardrop in the middle represents where this story started and the heart shaped frame then symbolises the enduring love that it has blossomed into. The many pearls encircling this piece, epitomises their patience and dedication in enduring all the challenges in building their lives and raising a family together. Over one of their family dinners, Gan presented this piece to his wife. As he told her the story of their love, tears once again rolled down his cheeks. This time, so did hers; down her cheeks as she felt the love of her husband. She then hugged her two sons saying:

This is the simple and sincere love that your father gave me, will you be the same man to your wife in the future?


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