Frequently Asked Questions


Why must I first enquire to purchase a piece?


We value your experience and individuality here at Left&Right. Our small team of artisans is at your service, telling your stories through our pieces. As we create each piece in hopes of it resonating with you, we wish to offer you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your piece. This is why we invite you to enquire and create a personal connection with us. This will also allow us to give you a truly personalised and special experience as you embark on this journey together with us.


Why is each piece sold in limited numbers?


Each individually crafted piece aims to convey a story or emotion that is to be shared and expressed. As much as we wish to have each piece reflect you and your story, we feel there is a need to preserve the value and identity of our pieces. Much like all of us, we are all one of a kind in our very own way. Some people shine in the light, some sing to their own tune, some dance to an innate rhythm, and some people tell stories. As artisans and storytellers of Left&Right, we are always pushing ourselves beyond our limits in creating new pieces to celebrate a myriad of colourful stories.


Do the pieces tarnish?


Like all fine gemstones and pearls, it is not advisable to expose precious metals as such to extreme chemical conditions such as perfume, lotion or to be submerged in water. Left&Right pieces are made with ethical materials that comprise 99.9% pure copper, sterling silver or argentium silver. We utilise copper that has been put through an oxidation process resulting in a beautiful patina layer, whereas argentium silver does not, as it is an extremely stable metalHence, they do not tarnish as easily and require minimal maintenance. As for sterling silver, it may tarnish a little over time due to climate and the amount of skin contact. While some may favour the naturally aged look of metal, we believe that most people would like to maintain the piece as they have purchased it; in its most pristine condition. To cater to this, we have acquired the perfect polishing cloth, which is available upon request for the maintenance of your piece.


What should I expect when my order arrives?


Your item will first arrive in our signature box. A crisp white parchment enfolds the box and is accompanied by a black ribbon sealed with our hallmark stamp. The white colour of the parchment is to express our gratitude and sincerity balanced by the elegant black ribbon. As you untie the ribbon, you will find your Left&Right piece is carefully set in a cushioned box by the very hands of our craftsman. Together with it is a card, presenting the story behind the piece and a birth certificate signifying the authenticity of the piece coming from the hands of our artisans.