light of love

This is Dennis and Sandy.


Dennis can never find his wallet, what is more locating his keys. His clothes also mysteriously appears on the floor each day, how does he do it? These are the little things, the small arguments that make up the daily routine of married life. Minor details about one another revealed after years of sharing a life together, making their love and marriage truly its own. Dennis and Sandy have been happily married for 10 years and to celebrate their decade together, he wanted to tell their story.

Dennis is a kind man, forever loving and meticulously cares for his wife. Hand in hand, they have supported each other through the major changes and minor hiccups of their lives. The frame that holds this piece together is of the family's initials to symbolise the love that binds their hearts. 

We have also incorporated a moonstone to this piece as a symbol of compassion and patience, with care not to overwhelm the frame holding it together. These little things and differences about each other that we embrace and accept are what make love beautiful. What will occupy our lives in the end are those small arguments about closet space and misplaced things that will make their love feel alive and constant.

Her last visit to her hometown had become a distant memory for Sandy. She had been missing her parents ever since so we decided to bring a small piece of home. We had the pearl for this piece sourced from her hometown to remind her that no matter the distance, her family will always be with her as she celebrates a wonderful chapter of her life.