The star

To boldly go where no man has gone before.

When Prasad had discovered we were storytellers, he immediately got our contact details and expressed his long desire to tell a story of his own. As we listened and were drawn into being a part of his journey, we had stumbled upon our purpose of Left&Right. His story had provided us the conviction to why we do what we do. 

Prasad began by sharing how his wife is a hard-core Star Trek fan and how she had waited for months to acquire the number of the starship enterprise as her car number plate. He later revealed that they have been married for years and had longed for a child of their own. As they have yet to be blessed with one, they had decided to attempt a round of IVF that year. The treatment is known to be gruelling and might require several attempts before conception is successful. To celebrate the courage and dedication they have for attempting such a feat, we have made this piece. As Prasad's wife will be given a formidable task, we wanted to celebrate her as well.

In this piece, the weaving of the band represents all the memories that they have shared in this journey together. One that has led them to this crossroad, where they have chosen to take the path less travelled. 

This piece also aims to pay homage to Prasad's wife. The centrepiece is to represent the emblem of the Starship Enterprise. To also reflect the Star Trek command emblem, a star ruby was placed in the centre. The pearl and moonstone was to compliment the ruby, as they are known for being the stones of motherhood. These are to bring good health and blessings to both mother and baby. This piece marks a new beginning for the couple as they begin their journey to parenthood.

Some time later, Prasad had returned. 
He came to have another piece made; a star trek pendant. It was for their little one.